scrap gold cutout

Here at Altınbaş, we’re more than just the leader in European gold, silver, and diamond jewellery. We are also authorised gold buyers, offering generous cash for gold in Melbourne.

Do you have scrap gold? Are you in need of some extra money? With our gold buyers, Melbourne locals can enjoy a convenient and generous way to secure some extra cash.

Sell gold jewellery to our Melbourne team for competitive prices and get cold hard cash today! Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring your gold into your Altınbaş gold buyers
  2. We will test your gold in front of you and provide you with a competitive quote
  3. We will give you money for your gold items, no further questions asked!

You can trust the gold buyers at Altınbaş to give you the best possible price on your scrap gold and gold jewellery. As a reputable jeweller with more than 40 years of experience, we guarantee that there are no lies, no scams and no additional fees with our service.

Cash For Gold Melbourne

With a convenient service like cash for gold, Melbourne locals can easily secure some extra money. Whether you’re looking for some additional cash to treat yourself or you’re in need of fast funds, this is an excellent, hassle-free way to secure additional money.

You may be looking to sell gold jewellery if you received an unwanted gift or you have inherited an item that you have no use for. Whatever the situation, the Altınbaş team would be more than happy to find a new home for your unneeded items while providing you with some much-needed cash.

To secure cash for gold, Melbourne locals can come in and visit us in store. Will we give you a quick quote to get started with the process!